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See Manhattan philosopher David Birnbaum's breakthrough teleology, philosophy, cosmology.  He also throws-in  theogony and cosmogony.

“Past, Present & Future”
Thursday, June 27

David Birnbaum:

Hi, this is David Birnbaum, it’s June 27th 2013. I hope you’re ready for more QforP punishment! Okay, here we go!

The focus of today’s discussion is past, present, future and context. So, man of reason, woman of reason, seek answers to fundamental questions regarding past, present and future. And of course in context as well. Past, present, future. Past: where did we come from? What are the eternal origins of our cosmos and of course of our universe? Present: who are we? What is our place in the cosmos, what is out purpose? How does our level of consciousness fit into the overall scheme of things?

Future: is there a teleology meaning an end goal for ourselves, for our lives, for our civilization, for our cosmos? These are big questions and we’re going to answer them and finally the wrap around context, is there a unified dynamic to the entre cosmic order? We think big, we ask big questions. We approach the physicist, the scientist, the chemist, the biologist, we know that they have difficulties with lots of these issues. Because science is based on observation and experimentation and there’s a limit to how fast and how far they can go even though they’re moving very fast with extraordinary brilliance and often genius but it’s still not at the point where hard science can answer with conviction almost any of these fundamental questions.

At the other end of the spectrum is religion which seeks to answer to all of them and does often put down its positions or all these issues. Somewhere in the middle is philosophy slash metaphysics. Ideal metaphysics; concepts beyond physics, a more random logic and deductive reasoning as opposed to religious dogma. Even though on a personal level I do embrace a religious approach myself, that’s a personal matter, we’re doing it on a grander level and on a grander level I’m a lean mean matrix to deal with these issues, as a guide to my life and a guide to my children’s lives and hopefully it does not contradict the religious theology that I embrace in my personal life which again is not the issue here; Summa is written neutrally. It can be embraced by a non religious person or a religious person.

So, based in metaphysics, deals with more logic and observation than necessarily religion does and it’s not as demanding regarding the full scale experimentation as physics is, as chemistry is, as biology is. Metaphysics is aesthetic elegance, it should resonate well. Okay, so we propose that one little creative concept, my own little QforP which stands for quest for potential, infinitely iterated, works across all these issues and goes across all these fields and of course all these questions and of course that’s its great power. That it seems to be the missing plug in all these key issues and since it settles all of these issues simultaneously we have to take it seriously. Again, on my personal level traditional Judaism, I show how the concept does dovetail nicely with concepts with the torah, with Liliana Caballero and from the [Inaudible 00:04:47] but that doesn’t prove it, it just means that it works well and if anything it elevates the authenticity from my perspective of the torah etc.

How does my quest for potential work to the subjects at hand? Past, present, future and context? Here’s a rough schematic of my core proposition: quest for potential is the eternal cosmic dynamic by definition, potential possibility, the same thing by definition always existed, that is self evidence and it is crucial that it is self evident. Once it is self evident we can try to deploy it across a gamut of issues because we do not have another eternal concept to play with; we’re done to one. It’s more the concept that we can we’re asserted to, beyond potential slash possibility, as having always existed.

So moving right along, quest for potential ignites the equations and equations ignite the cosmos and over millennia different expressions of potential have manifested. So for instance, in the zone sixty five million to two hundred and forty million years ago, the dinosaurs may have been the maximum optimal potential which the cosmic order could craft for our planet at that point in time.

In the present at our planet in this point in time, presumably humans with all their flaws are the optimal potential expression with the cosmic drive; you and I are hopefully the core embodiment of optimal cosmic potential. So we better make good use of this situation and our purpose on an individual level is to plan our own individual potential within the constraints of our own individual talent basket and our environment and at the same time minimally infringing on the potential of other entities. So the quest for potential has three basic nests of components, they nest within each other, the first is survival, the second is playing out and optimizing the various array of potentialities one is blessed with within our particular context and iterated periodically.

And finally is extraordinariation, whether on an individual level or a civilization level or a cosmic level, to strive for the extraordinary. If we have that opportunity.

And the third and the next in sequence; future, what is the teleology, what is the end goal? The end goal again is to optimize potential within potential, shooting for extraordinariation, this applies on the human level, the civilization level and the cosmic level. Do not accuse me of not thinking big, I will strike back.

Finally, context; what is the all embracing unifying concept? You know the answer and you know my answer, my proposition; to me the concept works. It’s a simple single solitary, eternal concept, the only eternal concept. It is simple but complex, it’s exactly in the goldilocks, simple but complex, not too simple and not too complex. Simple but flexible and supple enough to handle the key complex issues of all phase. In future tapes we delve into different aspects of this, different ramifications but the conclusion for this tape; we respect science, we respect religion, we respect academic philosophy. There is a big aching need for a paradigm, a matrix which works, which can so to speak deliver the goods, actually deliver the goods in an intelligent, elegant, convincing manner. A cross a gamut of issues. A concept which takes beyond the boundaries of areas which are testable for science and concepts which have cogency and logic and intellectual elegance meaning classic metaphysics. A science which has disappeared for several hundred years and concepts not held hostage to the authenticity and veracity of the progenies of the respective religions no matter how much we venerate them. We need a matrix that works independently of religion, this is a past, present and a future presentation, thank you for your graciousness, we’ll see you soon. FYI the master site is in philosophy one thousand dot com. Take care, god bless.

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