A real deal philosphy? Will David Birnbaum's philosophy prevail? Can David Birnbaum's philosophy - cosmology of a fine-tuned universe prevail?

Monday, June 20

David Birnbaum:        
Hi.  I’m David Birnbaum, and this is focus tape Summa Synopsis.  As you know, I’m the author of Summa Metaphysica.  As you’re aware Volume  1 was published in 1988 by [inaudible 00:18] Publishing.  Volume 2 was first posted online in 2005, then published hardcover by Harvard Matrix in 2008.  From our perspective, Summa presents an elegant and powerful metaphysics.  Now FYI, background, metaphysics in principal means, beyond physics.  Metaphysics is a field that tempts conceptual understanding of the cosmos.  As juxtaposed against physics, which is focused very heavily on experimental understanding of the cosmic world to the extent that it can experiment.  There’s extrapolation with experimentation, but core physics is anchored in experimentation.  Summa metaphysics was first proposed via Summa 1 in 1988.  No known weak points have emerged in 25 years of academic scrutiny.  So this is a focused presentation of the core themes of Summa.  As you may be aware, summa takes a hit into mundane concepts, potential, and sort of turbocharges it.  The summa force multiplies it into potential into infinite power.  Our key term is quest for potential, infinitely [inaudible 01:45].  Meaning quest for potential within potential within potential.  So the first level of summa hypothesis, will simply be a quest for potential, our favorite term, infinitely iterated, unifies and drives the cosmos forward.  What follows on this presentation is the next level hypothesis.  For reference, I will label it synopsis.  So here we go.
The cosmos is probably best described as an overarching and morphing wave of quest for potential.  For shorthand notation, I call this Q4P, quest for potential.  I also call it infinite divine potential.  Now, Q4P eternally seeks after its own maximum potential.  In our view, Q4P keeps a very careful eye on the short-term, medium-term and possible [inaudible 02:50].  That is, Q4P is vigilant regarding three interrelated [inaudible 02:59] components.  First, survivability, it must prevail.  Secondly, the array of potential possibilities.  These have their own internal hierarchy.  And finally, third, an opening or a minimum maintaining a path to possible extraordinariation.  Quest for potential, can we possibly tether this concept?  Biblically for those religious predilections, yes.  In Biblical terms, the Hebrew [inaudible 03:37], “I will be that which I will be.”  And name the divine, articulated to Moses at the burning bush saga, circa 1250 B.C.E. in the desert just outside of Pharaoh’s Egyptian capital.  Now back to our theory.  Infinite divine potential, a.k.a. quest for potential, a.k.a. Q4P drives the cosmos forward and fuses us with life.  Now eternally and initially Q4P exists only metaphysical realms in its own quite concise equation.  Q4P to the infinite power will elegantly encompass and target cosmic order and capture its essence.  We conjecture that in early stage of the metaphysical cosmic continuum, the interrelating equations of physics, math, chemistry [inaudible 04:35] emerges an optical expression Q4P at that relatively early point in time.  In turn, these equations seek actualization and optimization and embodiment.  That is the equation’s [inaudible 04:54] actively seek and ultimately maneuver for and deploy for actualization, optimization and eventually incorp a real embodiment.  The audience should be aware that the contemporary MIT center for extreme quantum information theory, director Seth Lloyd and Jeffrey H. Schapiro, paints a roughly parallel track via theoretical quantum mechanics.  Google XQIT MIT.  It rhymes, XQIT MIT.  Their approach is more mechanistic than mine, but they travel a parallel path.  In any event, back to those metaphysical equations.  My hunch is that high “to do” list, they seek love and/or the ability to get love.  So does Q4P have infinite power?  Well, Q4P does not have infinite power, but it has very very  considerable power, enough power to ignite a cosmos.  Especially realms of where their – with the equations of physics and math and chemistry can project their power.  Thus, the resolution of the great so called Goldilocks [inaudible 06:15], now becomes readily at hand.  Meaning, the equations make quite sure that all the key critical calibrations and constants were lined up and in line.  The gates were all lined up.  Late great Princeton physicist John Mueller would probably smile and say that summa is Birnbaum’s sketched out version of Wheeler’s [inaudible 06:43] conjecture.  However, Birnbaum, meaning myself, might be uncomfortable with the heavily mechanistic aspect of Wheeler, as we are slightly in conflict with heavily mechanistic aspect of Seth Lloyd.  Or we’re both and all traveling the same general direction.  Now back to our synopsis. The equations wanted out from the loneliness of the void.  They simply could not take it anymore.  Equations discern a line of escape from out of the void and into reality.  The escape route is via igniting the universe as we know it.  Meaning, if scientists understand it X billion years ago.  Now Einstein and [inaudible 07:40] postulate, and quite amply demonstrate in the 20th century, that splitting atom might unleash an atomic explosion.  We are not Nobel Laureate physicists.  We are not even physicists.  We are mere conceptual theorists.  But we stand on [inaudible 08:01] shoulders and hypothesize and conjecture in the 21st Century that perhaps splitting the mysterious number zero or the zero point, whatever exactly that was, unleashed not only positives and negatives, not only minus one to minus infinity, and plus one to plus infinity, but sufficient energy to literally ignite and create the universe, our universe.  So the big bang with genesis point, the [inaudible 08:32] point is calibrated and ignited.  This big bang is calibrated to ultimately seed the universe with approximately a hundred elements.  These 92 to 100 plus elements in turn would eventually evolve over time into such beings increasingly capable of greater consciousness, greater feeling, greater emotion, greater projection and indeed even nobility.  That is eventually, into humans.  In turn, these humans ourselves would project our own potential via our works and via our offspring and our offspring’s offspring to achieve greater and great potentials within potential, ad infinitum, across the planet and beyond.  Indeed across our solar system and ultimately beyond.  Thus, we are all apparently an integral part of this ever advancing wave of potential.                                     
We can surmise that as high-level ascension beings at the forward wave of cosmic evolvement, we in turn on some level evidently help erect the next wave of events.  Meaning conjecture that our own consciousness is somehow harnessed with an overarching Q4P to help guide the next wave and onward and onward, iterated onward and onward and so on over the millennium.  We are indeed apparently quite fully integral to that very advanced wave of quest for potential.  Now note there is no separation between Q4P, between infinite divine potential and ourselves.  Q4P’s infinite divine potential and the integral, we are integral ourselves on an individual level to infinite divine potential.  Thus, on an individual level we are a duality or we are a spectrum, and part of us is quite mortal, both physically and spiritually.  And part of us at the other end is quite [inaudible 10:48], stretching back from eternal origins and projecting forwards towards infinity, towards the far reaches of time.  Now note the irony here.  While it is true that humankind seeks the metaphysical and the eternal, and many seek the divine, conversely the internal and the metaphysical seeks humankind, beautifully symmetric.                                     
That concludes this presentation.  There is a series of additional tapes on focus topics which you can see on the site YouTube  For comments or letters or questions, my direct email is D-B as in David Birnbaum,  Letters where there are paragraphs or several pages are quite welcome.  Be well and God bless.

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