Shira Dicker -part2-

David Birnbaum  starts-in where the Greeks left off......   See David Birnbaum  Q4P Summa Metaphysica Theory of Everything.

-Part 2-


Meaning, per David Birnbaum's Q4P philosophy, the blade of grass in NJ is connected to the spec of energy in a galaxy 100 light years away.

-Part 1-
See philosopher David Birnbaum's iterating and potentializing universe. Per the Birbaum philosophy, all is dynamic.
-Part 2-
See David Birnbaum the last Greek philosopher..... So, David Birnbaum's philosophy bypasses 2500 years of philosophy
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Shira Dicker: So you just gave me — and I’m [inaudible 0:02] to something that jumped out at me that I and again — and I say this not just to say something nice about this book but this book strikes me almost like the itching where you opened it up to any page and there’s something there to deeply ponder that has to do with the here and now, okay, and maybe it’s just my reaction to it, but you write here with masculine feminine you just mention that and by the my reading always of the opening of Genesis is the narrative is that some giant cosmic truth is being contained within the narrative of the creation of this man this woman or I should say chronologically, you know, oh no man and woman, woman was created second, and I have my own thoughts about these forces. So I wanted to read what you wrote here and then I have a question that’s very rooted in 2015, okay. You write under here tool simultaneous push/hold tension, masculine/feminine components of the cosmos are in dynamic tension and/or engagement. Some components simultaneously push from the direction — dimension and pull from another realm. For example, a component may push from a metaphysical level while it pulls from reality realm or from a still further out potential realm. So if I could ask you to discuss that and also within the idea of masculine and feminine and let me throw something in here is the 2015, we are in a time of alleged or so called voluntary gender.

David Birnbaum: Okay.

Shira Dicker: We’re in a really unusual time.

David Birnbaum: Okay.

Shira Dicker: There’s — it’s rather mind blowing without a [inaudible 1:55] mode for instance I looked around and at one point I realize that there were two young people who had been gender reassigned, two young people probably in college or post-college. It was very obvious to me who had one had been born a girl was now a young man the other had been born a young man was now a young woman. Their gender studies is raising the question of is gender real, is it real, what does it have to do with our physiology. So I’d like you if you don’t mind if that’s not too much to speak about here how masculine and feminine fit in with the simultaneous push/pull and also to discuss in a very concrete term what a — what an era that raise the possibility of gender as being voluntary or being two dimensional, what that has to do with cosmic masculine feminine [inaudible 2:59].

David Birnbaum: So first the first question. Well, I believe — I’ve seen that in a theory that what’s true in a cosmic order is also true parallel in that current order down to earth. In fact, I think eventually people will play detective, okay we have this happening here reality level now let’s figure out what’s happening at metaphysical level. I really can use it to argue it myself in the book to try to learn different things where I have fill the gap I’m saying okay what’s happening on a physical realm in the 21st century and now with maybe we can extrapolate back on metaphysical realm, right. So obviously male female plays an important part in a — the real realm and one can presume that a place of realm metaphysical realm. Of course many, many eastern philosophies view with this with a vengeance, you know, you walk into some shrines in the east and they go for it, you know. So into the whole realm and of course push/pull resonates with child birth, right, push/pull, right, of course even with sexual relations is a push/pull component, right, okay so you have — you have this push/pull in many different levels and I believe it’s a [inaudible 4:24] pervasive cosmic order probably the metaphysical realms pushed they wanted to get into reality levels, we’re reality and reality pulled in one of the dual metaphysical into reality, one, — as I said in the book that will be my first play on it and I believe it’s a major component meaning so you can actually extrapolate from sort of intimate zones in a reality world into very dynamic zones in metaphysical world. You can well can so play with it, it can be whole — in fact there’s a whole [inaudible 4:58] study where is the parallel in metaphysical realms, is there parallel and because we cannot pierce metaphysical realms with our telescopes but we can pierce it with parallels, you know what I’m saying?

Shira Dicker: Yeah.

David Birnbaum: So it’s not a science now it’s more intuition or logic now, but one can develop more and more so the entire corpus of the beta discussion, you know what I’m saying, pretty fascinating to me, you know.

Shira Dicker: Yes, go on and then I have an immediate question for you.

David Birnbaum: Yes, yes, yeah.

Shira Dicker: So David Birnbaum like how — so you’ve got this whole system of belief, tell me about how this plays into your day to day life, really how does you have — you have and we’re talking about a really small piece of it but are you, you know, one of the — one of the big words now is intentionality there is of course a Jewish concept Kavanah does your — is your belief system, is your philosophy a constant companion with you as you go through your day and does and if so tell me, explain how that — is it — does it impact your consciousness or intentionality?

David Birnbaum: Well a thousand percent and anyone who I — who’s read my books or who talked to it’s a very empowering concept, it’s empowering to everybody because remember we are dropped on this planet and we’re not giving direction as to our purpose, we are who we are, where we’re going, where we came from and it articulates realms or hypothesis, of course I believe it a 100% but my physical position is a hypothesis. We come from potential, we are potential and our goal is to reach our maximum potential each person personalize — customize and that potential it changes everyday based on what we did yesterday also based on what how the world has change.

Shira Dicker: Okay.

David Birnbaum: Now remember one of the most charming Jewish prayers is Modeh Ani, you know, Modeh Ani [inaudible 7:13] thank God you restored my — my breath to me, my life to me and I — I spin that, you know, Modeh Ani I’m thankful that I have another day to reach — go after my potential, it all depends on short term, medium term, long term you have to say well I am comfortable today you say welcome to today which — which extends my long term potential that’s a big work but go into it. So I tell people [inaudible 7:49] say you are a potential you’re not just your chemistry, you’re not just your resume you are loaded with potential and your potential includes your children’s potential and your writings potential which will rated outwards. Your bundle obey count potential which I read which is great, this reading hours they create their own — they have their own life. So you not just physically you, you are everything that you might be, everything you impact well that’s so profound, you are an entire universe. We get up in the morning say I’m entire universe and let’s see what I can do today, this is a profound way to approach the day.

Shira Dicker: That’s amazing.

David Birnbaum: Wait, wait.

Shira Dicker: Yeah.

David Birnbaum: And let’s say of course we all take different hits, well if your profound universe take a few hits not so bad, if you’re a just a regular person I thinks that could be bad if you’re entire universe of potential okay I took a few hits boom you can lay it off you understand what I’m saying, it’s all buff around you. Now Tony Robins discusses also in his own — in his own vernacular his own — in his own terminology he does also say which potential but it doesn’t have to begin with that but he’s also — he’s also — he’s taught us — us non spiritual self actualization level but I’m wrapping up into cosmic metaphysical level. The cosmos wants you to reach potential that’s what the entire cosmos is doing, the cosmos is trying to reach its own potential and we were all part of it, we’re all part of integrated home and it looks like you are separate from me but we’re all integrated and we’re all in this grand intimate cosmic journey individually trying to reach potential as part of the greater whole and that’s why [inaudible 9:48] harmonizing to the entire corpus of humanity because this is all in this together. So [inaudible 9:55] we’re all in this journey together it’s not just who has more territory we’re all in this cosmic journey together to advance humanity, that’s the proposition it sounds good to me.

Shira Dicker: Right and it sounds good and it seems also that this quest for unity also drives another one of your projects that I’m familiar with obviously which is Mesora Matrix but, you know, the unity it’s one of these belief systems that can devolve into something like cliché or hallmark or but it’s actually very profound because let’s fact it one of the things I’ll just be really personal I think like a lot of people right now watching the news I’m trying not to feel overwhelmed by some of the terrify —

David Birnbaum: Atrocities.

Shira Dicker: Atrocities but also terrifying revelations. I was really mind blown earlier in the week and I think I posted something like this on Facebook, simply because I haven’t have the chance to develop it more into a — a blog post about who was it I think it was Peter Bergen on CNN sat down with Anderson Cooper and said ISIS ideology is an end of days ideology. You will wonder anybody looking at their well publicized atrocities has to ask why are they antagonizing Jordan, Japan, Egypt, the Nazis had their crimes, right, and so he said and he had a crew of experts and scholars on and it’s an end of days ideology.

David Birnbaum: Right, I saw the — I saw the segment from the scholar who wrote a piece of the Atlantic light into it, right.

Shira Dicker: Yeah and that’s obviously terrifying because people who believe it’s the end of days aren’t really interested in unity. So that’s a whole other matter but the, you know, what you’re describing right now happens to be exactly what I believe that life.

David Birnbaum: Okay.

Shira Dicker: And so I guess my question is how do you build, you know, you want your ideas not just to exist in books.

David Birnbaum: Right, right.

Shira Dicker: How do you create a movement or global awareness that this is so because if one believes that this is so not only do you embrace everyday like you said you are universe and if something horrible happens you’re not some poor meaningless person, you may have in a resolve it’s a place where yes the self help gurus have said this a lot of the eastern philosophers who are giving it a different context here.

David Birnbaum: Context right, totally different.

Shira Dicker: Yeah. How do you take this belief and spin it out so that the world believes this, right?

David Birnbaum: So, you know — you know, it’s so interesting because first you have to conceptualize an idea and then you have to write a book and then you have to get a publisher to publish your book top publisher publish your book and as we all know this is close to mission impossible to get to that point. Then you have to get reviewers to review it your book and first the Jewish perhaps will not review my book because I’m not a Jewish rabbinic, first major Jesuit journals reviewed my book and after four global Jesuit journals reviewed the book only then that the Jewish journals review my book written on a Jewish context, let’s understand what I’m talking about here, you know, how many barriers you have to hurdles that are in the process, and then because of the international conference on my book and then the atheist ganged up on Bard College, atheist ganged up on Bard College, New York for holding this big international conference of my book which proposed an overarching dynamic to the universe I’m proposing overarching dynamic to universe into a potential. Hard line atheism the universe is aimless and rambles [ph] and decaying they ganged up on Bard and threatened Bard with isolation meaning they were in alliance with British randomness atheist academics, they threatened to isolate Bard and then Bard denied that ever was a conference then we post the tapes of the conference Bard takes dot com wait I’m getting into it wait. So now they ask me what am I doing to propound the book, look, you know, I have a business etc. and we — and we all have a regular task I try to do my share, I try to do my share to advance the ideas and I’m not pushing movement potential and theory, potential and theory dot com to see it or philosophy 1000 dot com to see the books online it propose metaphysical to be use by the religious, by the spiritual who are not religious but religious but not spiritual who are just are spiritual and by secular man. So it’s a very empowering no matter what fields you’re in and to me that’s great, you know, it’s so great that everybody sort of wins. Only one sliver of humanity which is called the hard line atheist which represents about 1 less than 1% of the world is not with me because it delegitimizes that very fundamentalist view that has no possibility over — overarching dynamics to the universe. It doesn’t delegitimize atheism per se its — which is more open, it’s a certain group of hard line atheism which has no possibility to any direction whatsoever to the universe, and here we have a [inaudible 15:35] any direction must be classic creationist God, I said no that’s a possibility but inter-potential is — does not have to — does not have to be in classic creationist God, it might be that’s up to individual, you know what I’m saying. It’s a very — very — so that’s how it plays out but they’re constantly engaged in character assassination at the gambits other nonsense arbiter beyond belief but they’re headed towards [inaudible 16:10] of history.

Shira Dicker: Okay, I mean look there it threatens and it’s the exact opposite of what they’re saying and in a way they’re going — they’ll say what you’re saying.

David Birnbaum: Perfect.

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