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A persuasive philosophical theory for existence? See maverick philosopher David Birnbaum's philosophy, cosmology, metaphysics.

Will David Birnbaum's philosophy stand the test of time? To date no flaw  has been discerned in the Birnbaum theory, cosmology, philosophy.

-Part a-
A resonant and compelling philosophy? See  David Birnbaum's Q4P philosophical breakthrough.  See the Q4P metaphysics.
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“Simultaneous Solution”
– part a –
Wednesday, June 26

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David Birnbaum:

Hi. The focus of this tape is simultaneous solution. I’m David Birnbaum the author of Summa Metaphysica series. As you may be aware Summa one was published in 1988 and Summa two was published initially online in 2005 and in hardcover 2008. In order to get directly focused Summa theory directly to my audience unfiltered, we’ve elected to do a series of short eight to ten minute focus tapes, from me directly to you the audience.

While these tapes intersect and overlap and are done in sequence, each tape is relatively stand alone. If you have a basic familiarity with my overall schematic you can enter at any point. So the focus on this particular tape will be the proposed simultaneous solution that Summa brings to the table. We intend as one concept to lance, the main classic impasses, conundrums of metaphysics, hard science, class of theology for past several thousand years which remain unanswered. Yes. Typically the metaphysics issues are handled separately from the hard sciences issues and separately from the theology issues. We all know that ultimately the solutions to one should dovetail with the solutions to the other. That typically a total separate set of people handle each field, they sort of speak a different language, a different lingo. Obvious I endeavor to speak in a common language so to speak a universal language. But be aware this so to speak universal language is not necessarily the maximum confront level. The language of either, any of the three groups; physicians, physicists or theologians but is optimal play for my audience.

In any event, the three basic fields to elaborate; first the hard sciences, physics, astrophysics, chemistry, biology, math. Second; metaphysics, philosophy, third; theology. My concept since I was a youngster that a truly powerful metaphysics with one core concept should be able to land all the key outstanding issues and I believe I have it. That being said, we have a very interesting situation on our hands. The concept being if the proposed solution to one or two conditions simultaneously lances a [00:03:01] of conditions across the spectrum of all these basic fields then we indeed have on our hands a very interesting situation and indeed such is the case.

Now, I’ve felt from the get go that the so to speak code breaker is something subtle, something on the top of consciousness or so to speak on the tip of our noses, what other language highly in plain site or someone else would have seen it beforehand. The highly in plain site is a graphic and powerful crucial concept. We’re going to deal with it later in depth because it turns out to curiouser and curiouser.

Next I want this concept to optimally be one I could assert as being eternal because that simultaneously solves a lot of major issues. An eternal concept is a powerful concept. I want this to be simple yet sophisticated, simple yet powerful. So as you see I had a fairly demented checklist for my little holy grail, cosmic code breaking concept.

Anyway, about twenty five years into my little quest, started at about age seven, finally in 1982 at age thirty two I finally isolate my juicy conceptual target, my little signature concept, quest for potential, infidel integrated. Patented of the more mundane concept of potential which we use in every day language. Anyway it’s noted, this so to speak eureka moment in 1982, on vacation, on the beach in Barbados. So, I had to get back to New York in 1982 to check out the encyclopedias. We didn’t have Google search. I checked out the encyclopedias, no one had preferred that concept, I began work. So since 1982 I have been working on this project; first Summa one and then Summa two. The very carefully calibrated project, I’m a careful calibrated person. Every step of the way checking for any flow of vulnerability and we do not see any flow of vulnerability. So, let’s start from the get go, classic metaphysics and then theology and even physics, the next question is cosmology, cosmogony, where does everything come from? The next question is questions of being; who are we, what is our place in the universe, what is consciousness, why is there consciousness? Where for consciousness meaning where did consciousness come from? Next, the cluster of purpose questions; what is our purpose? Next, if there’s a god. First, the theology question, what are the origins of this god?

Second, if there’s a god and this god is all powerful and all merciful, why is there gross evil? This is the theodicy question. And finally to the end of our little checklist, [Inaudible 00:06:19] where are we heading, what is the end goal? Where is the cosmos heading, where are we heading? Where should we be heading? About physics and the other hard sciences like biology have many of the same questions, what are the ordinates of your particular universe? And more concretely the more specific to science, what ignited the famous big bang? We bought into the big bang; we’d like to know what ignited it?

Out in the critical field of evolutionary biology, what is truly driving natural selection? Despite all the posture that there’s consensus; there is no consensus. We have multiple streams of thought. Many, but far from all [Inaudible 00:07:15] both metaphysics and physics often extensively posture that all the issues are basically under control by the existing respective paradigms. The reality is all the issues are not under control at all. They have massive loose ends, massive gaps and respectively we intend to fill them in, to simultaneously solve this whole cluster of issues. This commences part A simultaneous solution. See you soon at part B.

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