Simultaneous Solution B

See David Birnbaum philosophy bootstrapping on future potentials - Potentialim Theory by Conceptual Theorist  David Birnbaum. Q4P, indeed. 


Q4P? See David Birnbaum philosophy - mitosis of "0" - ultimately leading towards Cosmic tapestry  weaving - David Birnbaum Theoretician.

-Part a-
See David Birnbaum  original  Q4P philosophy and C+  Complexification.....And see also  David Birnbaum's  philosophy  E+  Extraordinariation.
-Part b-

“Simultaneous Solution”
– part b –
Wednesday, June 26

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David Birnbaum:
Hi, welcome back. Here we commence part B of our focus tape simultaneous solution. Metaphysics, physics, classic [Inaudible 00:00:17] all three have been unable to conceptualize and present a convincing argument as far as eternal origins. Typically all three concentrate on what I call de-noun [00:00:30] even though sometimes it’s de-noun plus. Maybe the universe always existed, maybe god always existed, maybe the small subatomic article always existed. Maybe the smallest so to speak string from string theory always existed. If you say multi verse, where did the first multi verse come from? In any event only solution [Inaudible 00:00:59] from my perspective solution can not vector towards a noun because a question then becomes where did that noun come from? Where did that entity come from? Where does that god come from? Where does that [Inaudible 00:01:14] come from? Where does that universe come from? From my perspective the key to really discerning the solutions, they defy the concept or dynamic of potentially what is eternal and by definition is always existent and then see if you can layer that concept across all the major problems, spin it a little bit and see if it solves all the key issues. Concept must be sub evident that it’s eternal, period. And if you have such a concept and it seems to be solving some of the problems, the odds are it’s solving all the key issues. They call this sea of issues the cosmic spinal column.
Quest for potential – here we go. Quest for potential is eternal, quest for potential yields physics [Inaudible 00:02:14] quest for potential is like the core of divine, it is the divine! Quest for potential is embracing all, the quest for potential ignites the universe, the quest for potential is a catalyst for life, the quest of potential is the spinal cord for the myriad of life, the quest for potential is driving evolution forward. Quest for potential is the central nervous system of consciousness, quest for potential gives purpose, quest for potential drivers the universe forward. The quest for potential as a [Inaudible 00:02:43] as a goal meaning the quest for our potential of the universe level and on the individual level and on the atomic level. After quite a few years of interrelated thought about all these metaphysics problems, as I noted, [Inaudible 00:03:03] to this one concept quest for potential to the infinite power – meaning potential within potential. From my perspective only this one concept can exist eternally and from my perspective this concept and this concept alone is a common denominator in a cosmic order. Now, of course the fact that the dynamic always existed is not a guarantee that a universe would flow from that but it means the possibility existed for the universe to flow from it. Especially if the concept is potential slash possibility. My [Inaudible 00:03:45] on the key concept of potential possibility is the infinite integration of [Inaudible 00:03:52] nested like those Chinese dolls. But look at it another way, my potential includes the potential of my son and his son and his son’s son etc. As of June 2013, this point, I’m convinced that if there is a divine for transcending the cosmic order, the quest for potential is a call for divine. And if there is no divine as we know it, a quest for potential itself is marching across the cosmic order. As you know for a shorthand notation I’ll call this QforP – quest for potential.
Okay so the next question is, is this exclusively secular or is it also a religious perspective? But it may turn out that QforP itself is some kind of hybrid in between secular and religions. If one is looking for a religious perspective, one would have to call the core dynamic holy quest for potential to solve the key theological issues. And if you peruse volume one, good and evil, I deploy the concept to solve the key problems in monotheistic theology. Notice as well there’s a five page site, that overlaps this discussion. As you know the main website the last few one thousand dot com, there’s lots of goodies including both books online as flip books, as a public service to those students around the world who are saving their pennies.
The books are available via Amazon for those who want a real life book to cuddle up with. They are cost effectively, delivery, whatever works, either way is fine with us. Thanks for joining us for the session, see you soon; god bless.
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